Breeze Coin : Real asset-backed cryptocurrency with
interest rate payment
Ethereum - 210.15
Bitcoin - 10004.35
Ripple - 0.279709
Breezecoin - 0.182634
$ Worth Of Construction Projects located in America
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Breeze Coin

Currently, we are living in a world that is dominated by Industry 4.0, and therefore by cyber-physical systems. Combining the traditional real estate assets with a digital currency.

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We can proudly announce our cooperation with the EMH AG (Europäische Metallhandels AG, https://www.em

Greetings Breezecoin community,This post will explain detailed procedure for the Conversion process.

Greetings Breezecoin community,We like to announce the date for our Breezecoin conversion, which wil

Greetings Breezecoin community,With some delay we would like to announce that the Breezecoin relaunc

How To Double Your Realestate / Bitcoin Investment In 3 Simple Steps

Our goal is to combine the blockchain-based cryptocurrency technology with the real estate investments.

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Secure Payment

Secure Payment

We can proudly announce our cooperation with the EMH AG (Europäische Metallhandels AG, to secure every investment in our packages. EMH AG is one of the leading companies concerning topics like precious metals, technology metals and rare metals. Hereby declares Breezecoin to take 10% of every investment made in our packages as financial coverage …

Secure Payment

Breeze Project Team

Harald Kendzia


Yiğit Y. Şimşek

Operations Director

Michael Prosser

Finance Manager

Daniel Frasch

Legal Manager

Isabell Wermescher

Social Media Manager

Aykut Yıldız

Construction Architect

Franz Prosser

Funds & Stock Advisor

Çiğdem Camiş

Operations Assistant

Merve Semiz

Marketing Assistant